Saturday, March 27, 2010

Square 27 and Warrenton/Round Top Antiques Fair, Part 1

Yesterday was our twice-a-year trek to Warrenton, Texas, just outside of Round Top, for Texas Antiques Week. We arrived early at about 8:30, and left at 5. We sat down once for a quick lunch, but otherwise, it was all shopping! We found some fabulous loot -- FABULOUS! -- which I will share more about tomorrow, but for today, here are some pics to give you the flavor of the show, as well as the ever-popular weirdest item of the day.

I loved these little Easter chicks:

This booth was so fun -- bins and bins of charms of all kinds, which you could mix and match into bracelets and necklaces. Sadly, by the time we found this place, we were both out of money. I plan to start there early next time!

A pretty display:

One of my favorite pics from yesterday -- this wonderful group of vintage wedding cake toppers. I wanted to buy one, but Kari talked me out of it. Dang it! Should've bought one (or two....).

Below is a pic of the most clever display idea -- this lady draped vintage lace to create an "umbrella." It was charming!

We saw so many fantastic vintage foofy dresses yesterday. I wish I had taken more pictures of the dresses!

Wish I had a perfect spot for this dreamy couch:

And finally, without further delay, the weirdest item of the day! A stuffed wallaby! (And yes, it had a plaque on it that identified it as a wallaby.) There were a few other odd things, including one item that was so disturbing that we decided not to even photograph it), but truly, the wallaby won the prize yesterday!

Stay tuned: can't wait to show you some of the great treasures that I brought home!


  1. So were you over at Zapp Hall? You didn't go to Marburger? I've never gone to Marburger....

  2. Linda,
    Yes, we usually just stay in Warrenton. Since we're mostly buying for resale, Marburger is too expensive for us. Also, Marburger didn't open until today (Tuesday). If you've never been, it's really worth going because there are so many beautiful things, but it takes a full day (at least) just to do the Marburger show, so it's a trip in itself.


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