Monday, February 7, 2011

The Snow Day that Wasn't

Last Friday it was supposed to snow.  Snow is a normal winter occurrence for many people, but when you live in the Texas tropics, this type of news is met with a mixture of panic and excitement.  School was canceled, the news went crazy with constant the-sky-is-falling updates, etc.  As it happened, there was no snow, but what we got was worse -- freezing rain and freeways covered with black ice.  The hubs insisted on going in to work (despite the fact that he is neither a doctor nor a fireman, nor any other type of emergency worker), but the girls and I stayed home and enjoyed our "snow day."  The girls spent hours playing "restaurant" and watching lots of Disney movies.

I pulled out the scrapbooking stuff and decided to start making progress -- since at this point I'm almost 2 years behind on both girls' books.

I'm happy to say that I got 15 pages done on Friday, and have a whole new momentum! 

Just think: if I can keep up this pace, soon I'll only be 1 year behind....

I hope that those of you that were snowed in -- by real snow or ice -- also had a great time while staying safe and warm.  :)
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