Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target -- A Tale of Epic Greed

So, I'll have to ask you to pardon my rant.  Here at the Dishy Vintage blog, I like to keep things focused on happy, upbeat things -- like lace and glitter.  But today I am so disappointed about this Missoni for Target debacle -- I just have to speak out.

The much-typed Missoni line for Target -- with its fun, characteristic zig zag designs -- debuted today in Target stores and online. There had been a lot of buzz about this launch, so I expected things to go quickly, as they always do when something at Target is popular.  I went online at 7am and wasn't able to shop, because the Target servers had crashed.  I went to my local Target around 10am and everything was gone -- I mean, every single Missoni item, from file folders to baby clothes to shoes -- GONE.

I was a bit mystified by this (I mean, how many people had beat me to Target by 10am?) until I got home and did some Google searches and found pictures and first-hand accounts of people sweeping entire racks of clothes into their carts the minute the store opened.  Sure enough, before noon there were thousands of listings on Ebay of these very same items, only priced at 3 to 5 times the retail price.

Now, don't get me wrong, I understand capitalism and I'm all for making a living.  But I think what these people are doing on Ebay is disgusting.  I really wanted a few of the items from that collection, both for myself and for my girls, but there is no way I will buy them at a ridiculously marked up price on Ebay from someone who bought out an entire Target store this morning!  I will not reward that kind of behavior, especially not with my hard-earned money.

So, this is my plea to you, if you wanted some Missoni for Target items but missed out, as I did: boycott the Ebay sellers who ruined this for everyone else!

Okay, rant over.  Tomorrow we shall return to glitter and lace and all things vintage!  :)
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