Friday, August 21, 2009

New Lace!

If you've visited my blog before, you know that antique lace makes me irrationally giddy. Well, more fantastic lace arrived today! It's so fabulous, I can hardly stand it. Honestly, I kind of want to hoard it..... but what good would that do? Well, maybe I'll hoard just a little of it. Look for the rest in the etsy store soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vintage French Inspired Calendar

Every year, as summer comes to a close, I buy a new weekly planner-type calendar to help keep me organized in the new school year. Usually I just pick one up at Barnes & Noble, and leave it at that. This year, I couldn't find one with a cover that I loved -- or at least, not one that I loved enough to look at day after day for the next year. So, I decided to pretty it up a bit. I felt comfortable using some of my favorite supplies because this calendar has a see-through plastic cover page. I'm hoping that it will protect my cover from too much wear and tear. I started with my (current) favorite scrapbooking paper -- Madeline, from Brenda Walton -- and then added vintage laces and pages from an antique French book. I stamped the dress onto one of the book pages. I also stamped "2010" onto a tag and glued that to the front cover to hide where it says "weekly planner" on the front. Anyway, I know the finished product is a tad fancy for a calendar, but it makes me a lot more excited about getting organized!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shabby Vintage Crowns

I can't explain it, but lately I've become really fond of crowns. I find that I'm using them more in my own work, and seeking them out when I shop ..... So when I snagged a treasury this morning I decided it needed to have a crown theme. And, having pink and brown on the brain following my daughter's cupcake-themed birthday party yesterday, I went with that color scheme. I like how it turned out, and I wish I could afford to buy one of everything pictured! Go see for yourself -- here's the link:
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