Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Show Prep: Vintage Crafting Kits

Saturdays at our house in the fall are busy with football watching.  Lots and lots of football watching.  We follow 3 teams (TCU, LSU and the University of Texas) -- so that can be a big time commitment!  I love football -- love it! -- but I have to do something while I watch so that I don't feel too guilty about all of those hours.  Last night, while we watched Wisconsin beat Ohio State (helping out TCU a lot -- thanks, Badgers!!) I put together some crafting kits to take to the show this week.

These have sheet music, vintage papers, flash cards, a vintage glittery greeting card, a tag with laces and trims, and a spray of velvet flowers.  I think they came together nicely, but will they sell?  Who knows!  We've been doing shows for years, and it still surprises me from year to year what sells and what doesn't.  (If these are not a hit at the show, they'll soon be appearing in my Etsy shop.)

I used my new Moo cards as the tags on these -- so fun!

Well, I'm off now  -- more linens to iron before the show!  Hope you had a delightful weekend!  :)


  1. Yay Badgers is right;D If I was going to your show I would have to buy one of these kits! Good luck;D

  2. rats! just wrote a comment and not sure if it went through. this one will be a test ...

  3. anyway ...

    love your pretty kits. great themes and colors!

    happy to see you are enjoying your moo cards, too. :)


  4. Wonderful kits you have put together. Happy creating...


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