Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Moo!

I'm so excited -- I received my first order of Moo minicards!  I had been considering getting these cute little business cards for awhile, but then I saw Elyse's cards on her darling Cottage blog, and decided that I had to have some of my own. Now, I don't think mine are quite as adorable as hers, but I'm still pretty thrilled with them.  I uploaded 10 different photos for this set of 100 minicards.  I think these will be fun for packaging, giving out to friends, all sorts of things.  You can go make your own fun Moo cards here.


  1. omg! yours are adorable! aren't they fun? i love the quality and options. have fun with 'em!


  2. Oh! Your moo cards are so pretty!!!


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