Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's that Time of Year Again

It's show time!  My friend Kari and I don't do nearly as many shows as we used to -- it's just too hard to juggle childcare and our other jobs, etc. to do a bunch of big shows.  But we still do St. Martin's Joy of Giving Market here in Houston, which starts next week.  After that, we'll do a small show at my daughter's school, and that will be it for us this show season.

So, now we're in the thick of the getting-ready frenzy.  There are piles of laundry to soak and then iron.  We've been collecting these fantastic vintage towels all year -- aren't they awesome?  I wish we had twice as many!

Meanwhile, in the dining room, little sugary boxes and houses are boxed up and ready to go to the show:

Even the living room is full of show stuff: boxes of vintage inspired glass garland (in silver and pink!), huge bags of lace, and bins full of vintage linens. 

I think I might have mentioned before that I have a very patient husband.  See what I mean?  :)

If you live in the Houston area, come see us at St. Martin's Episcopal Church's Joy of Giving Market, next Tuesday, October 19 (preview party night) through Thursday, October 21.  I'll share some pics from the show next week!



  1. I wish I lived near and could come to your show!!

  2. oh, everything looks really adorable. i'll be thinking of you that day!


  3. I love vintage linen I looked at your etsy shop and see that you love it also. You have to love it to take the patients to spot, launder, and iron. I love your sparkle boxes. Good luck on your sale!



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