Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Square 37, a Guest Artist, and an Ode to Cath Kidston

So here's my next square.  I was inspired by my favorite Spode Mayflower dishes.  I've really been enjoying this project so much, I'm sad that we're nearing the end!

Remember when I said that one of my daughters was really taken with my stitching?  Well, I gave both girls an embroidery starter kit for Easter, and here's what my older daughter came up with on her first try:

I think it's so cute and wonderful!  I can't wait to see what she does next!

Lastly, my Cath Kidston order has arrived!  I didn't have time today to artfully arrange and photograph everything, so excuse the photos, but here's my loot:

And here's the inside of the sewing basket -- darling!  I also ordered the cute Union Jack needlepoint pincushion.  Now I just need to get all my stitching stuff organized....


  1. alison!

    YOU GOT THE BOWLS! aren't they the best? i'm so silly, i haven't even used mine yet. i do have them out and i just admire them. tomorrow, i should definitely fill one with cereal for breakfast. love them and all of your CK purchases. wasn't that fun!? (well, aside from shipping, that is)

    your daughter's bee is adorable and so fun. love it!!!


  2. Your Spode teacup embroidery is darling. I'm drooling over myself at your CK bowls and plates. Love the sewing box, too. I've gotten a few goodies from her lately, like the large sewing tin and 4 floral plates. Love, love her stuff. but, shipping here to the US is steep!

  3. Love all of your Cath Kidston goods! I splurged on an order recently and was very pleased! Your blog is cute, too.


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