Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scenes from a Backyard

I thought I'd share a bit about what's happening today in my backyard.  First, I acquired a new gnome and new mushrooms today at Target. (Hurry -- drop the mouse, and run now to Target to get yourself some!  They were almost all gone at my Target.)  I stuck them in the pot with my orange tree.  I think they add a bit of whimsy to the patio!

These other fellows (from Target last year) are still hanging out in their spot under the magnolia tree.  Poor guys need a bath!

In addition to imaginary creatures and faux nature, we actually have some real nature going on as well!  The first tiny tomatoes are appearing:

and for several weeks we've been watching this bird's nest built by a couple of doves under the eaves of our covered patio.  We realized this week that the eggs had hatched -- and the baby birds are big!  Here's momma bird and one of the baby birds in the nest:

And here's the other baby bird, who was sitting on the brick wall when I got home from the store:

I was so startled to see him!  I kept saying to him, "Baby bird, get back in the nest!  What are you doing?" as if he could understand me.  Sure hope this little guy finds his way back home!  Ah, nature.

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  1. omg - the birds almost look fake! how fun though and i love all of your little mushrooms and gnomes. i have a little elfin door and lamp that we need to hang on a tree in our backyard.

    so ready to do some yardwork and buy some flats of flowers.



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