Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Plunge

So, for years I've had this thing about Cath Kidston.  I study her catalogs, and I went nuts over her line at Ikea (I'm still kicking myself all these years later that I didn't buy more of her line when it was available at Ikea prices)!  Every now and then I've ordered something, all the way from the UK, like my strawberry oilcloth bookbag, that is currently home to my 39 squares project:

But I haven't ordered anything from her in years, mainly because of the shipping cost.  I keep filling up my online shopping cart, only to change my mind because of the shipping.

Well, last week I reached a huge personal milestone -- I went over 1000 sales in my Etsy shop (something that last year at this time I thought was impossible).  I decided that this big achievement deserved a little Cath Kidston!!  So, I took the plunge, and finally completed an order!  I'll take pics and show you all of it when it arrives, but one of the items I bought is the darling cottage sewing basket shown above.  LOVE IT!

Below is my latest square:

Hope you have a happy Thursday!


  1. Congrats on your 1000 sale...that is a great milestone and deserves a just reward. Your Cath Kidston sewing basket is way cute.

  2. WAY TO GO!

    i totally think of my etsy money as a way to fund my decor habit. i just ordered from cabbages & roses. all etsy money. it takes me a while to accumulate enough $ for an order but it's always worth the splurge.

    enjoy! can't wait to see!!! congrats on your 1000th sale!


  3. ps

    we are so the kindred spirits!


  4. Congratulations on your Etsy sales!
    I am so in love with that sewing basket. OMGosh that is so cute!

  5. 1000 sales??!?! Wow! You certainly DO deserve a little treat for yourself! Congratulations! Can't wait to see what you ordered!



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