Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Sampler

Here's my new sampler project.  I'm stitching on vintage toweling fabric, which is kind of an adventure, because it is stretchy in a way that linen is not.  Still, I like the different look of it.  I was looking forward to doing a more "freestyle" sampler this time, but I find that I often come to a total standstill, because I'm not sure what/where to stitch next.  Having the 40 squares drawn out was definitely easier for me.   But this style allows me to use lots of trims and laces in different sizes, so I'm having fun with that.  We'll see how this continues to develop!

I made the pink tutu into a decorative sign, and it's in the shop now:

Now I'm off to do my volunteer duty in the school library.  I just love libraries! But that's a post for a different day.  Hope you have a great Tuesday!  :)


  1. WOW! We do have a lot in common! First, your new sampler is beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about the freestyle stitching. You want the freedom, but then it looks like a blank page to you. What I did to get myself inspired for my 40 squares last time around, was to draw them out in my journal ahead of time. Then, when I actually stitched I looked at my journal for the inspiration. Did you see Amy is proposing another stitchalong? I'm psyched!

    BTW, I LOVE libraries and book stores. I have to be careful when I go in them, because it is so hard to leave them if I have any appointments:)

  2. omg, your work is so so lovely. i GOL (gasped out loud!) when i saw the final post image. what girl wouldn't love that framed in their room?


  3. Wow that is lovely and the fabric really sets it off well!


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