Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Stitching Project and a Question

 I loved the little pink tutu that I stitched/put together for one of my 39 squares.  Inspired by that, and by my obsession with frothy vintage dresses, I made this the other night.  I stitched the bodice, made the skirt and attached it, and then cut it out of the linen embroidery fabric.  I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I covered a large chipboard tag with some of my favorite papers and then glued it on (and, of course, added some bling).  I kinda like it (if I do say so myself). 

But here is my question for you: Etsy shop or no?  Would someone buy a tag like this?  I'm just wondering, because I feel like making a bunch of these, but then what would I do with them?  Pondering....


  1. LOVE IT!! Make 'em...sell 'em...become rich and famous... :)


  2. hi alison!

    your tag is really lovely. i would say if you enjoy making them, then make some and put them in your etsy shop. if they don't sell (but i think they will) you will have them for beautiful gifts.

    final call: etsy

    {sorry, i've been watching "the marriage ref"}


  3. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh! I loved your stitched one and this one is even more beautiful!!! I think you should host a swap! I would love the challenge of making this type of tag:D

  4. Allison, I would buy this tag in a heart beat! How much do you want for it!!
    xoxo, Nancy

  5. What a lovely creation, looks almost too sensational to be used as a tag. Maybe a tag under glass framed! I was at Elyse's and saw your comment, and wanted to visit. So nice to meet you, your squares came out gorgeous too.

  6. love the little dress tags. they would make great gifts. or they could be hung on doorknobs in the house just to add beauty to a antique home. Just great! I would buy them!

  7. May I suggest a wedding theme? I love the little dresses, very vintage girly and lovely as a card or tag. I have a friend who was married in October and had a fall theme for her wedding...maybe an ivory dress with brown and sunflowers? :) I'd buy it.

  8. Posted in the wrong place--BUT just adorable. I can't imagine how much you would have to charge or how you could bear selling them, BUT I sure think they would sell!! You and your darling shops have "made my day"! Thanks, grannijudi

  9. They would make beautiful Christmas Ornaments, I could envision one with a beautiful crystal drop and a gold or silver tassel to hang it from :) Awesome!


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