Monday, January 11, 2010

Of Teacups and Tatting

I've always loved tatting -- I'm not exactly sure why, but it's the one thing I've always bought and held on to. Then last year I used some tatting on an altered art journal, and realized that tatting is perfect for crafts projects! At first I had to get over my reluctance to use it at all, but once I did, I used it on numerous journals and starting incorporating it into scrapbooking pages as well. Still, I was surprised last week when I listed some tatting goodie bags in the Etsy store, and they sold out almost right away! It was exciting, but in no time, I was out of tatting! Good news is, I got more tatting today -- hooray! So, new goodie bags should be in the Etsy store soon.

The other thing I wanted to share today is my "Ah-ha" use for teacups: business card holder! I collect vintage china, and one of my favorite patterns is Spode Mayflower from the 1940's. Unfortunately, it lives in a cabinet most of the time, where no one can see it or enjoy it. A few weeks ago I pulled out a teacup, filled it with business cards, and found a place for it on my desk. Now I get to enjoy my favorite pattern every time I'm at the computer (which is, frankly, almost all the time)! So, if you have some pretty teacups hiding in a cabinet somewhere, rescue them and find a way to use them!


  1. Oh, yes, I love seeing tatting on art projects! I think it really adds a special element to a piece! You've got a nice tatting stash there!

  2. Thanks, TattingChic! It's nice to meet a kindred spirit!

  3. I too love great aunt used to make it all the time when I was growing up.
    Fabulous use of your tea the idea!

  4. Thanks, Lenore -- seeing that teacup every day just makes me happy! I wish I'd thought of it before. Now I need to come up with other creative ways to use more of my old china....


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