Friday, June 19, 2009

Vintage Paper Ephemera -- Let's Get Excited About Math!

Lately when I've been treasure hunting, I've been looking for vintage school items -- like flashcards -- both to add to my stash and to put into my etsy shop. I've also got some great back-to-school crafting kits underway (stay tuned!) and I want to keep adding goodies to those. Yesterday, I hit the mother lode of vintage school stuff -- so exciting! Among the many great finds was an unused vintage Quizmo game. I love the bingo-card looking game cards, and I love the colors of the game pieces. I put together a few fun bundles today and put them in the etsy shop. The rest will go into crafting kits or get hoarded for my own personal stash! :) Who knew math could be so exciting?!

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