Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blame it on the Burlap

So, it began innocently enough.  I needed to run into Hobby Lobby to buy some burlap for a new project I'm working on.  [This is very similar to something that happened last week, when I just needed to run into Target for packing tape....  But I digress.]  I noticed that Christmas ornaments were 50% off, as they often are, but I thought "I don't need any new ornaments.  I have too many ornaments as it is.  Hobby Lobby won't get me this time!"

But then I thought, maaaybe I should just take a little peek on the glass ornament aisle -- I always get my girls a special ornament each year, so no harm in looking now, right?  Wrong.  Twenty minutes later I emerged, blurry eyed, with a full shopping cart.  Here's some of what I came home with:

Gnomes on mushrooms, and clip-on mushrooms!  The gnomes have glitter accents, and the clip-on mushrooms have moss around the bottom!  Gack!  So cute!  Do any of these ornaments go with any theme of any kind that we have going on at Christmas, you might ask?  No, they most certainly do not!  Guess I'm going to need an additional tree....

I also couldn't resist this cool acorn ornament.  The back is an acorn (more glitter!):

and the front is this wonderful reindeer scene:

Now, I realize these aren't high end Christopher Radko pieces or anything.  But I think they're pretty cool, especially at 50% off.  So, if you're at HL, you might want to check them out.  But be careful, HL has a way of sucking you in -- it's almost as dangerous as the Target fugue state.  (Oh, and I did manage to remember to buy the burlap.)

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