Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Latest Obsession

I found this tinsel garland quite by accident one day recently at Target. I was pushing my cart through the Christmas aisles, and sadly, wasn't finding too much to get excited about. Then I saw it -- and it spoke to me! It's silvery, glittery, light as a feather, with a wonderfully retro vintage vibe -- I can't adequately describe it except to say that it's FABULOUS. I've been to two different Targets since then to get more. I've made a wreath with it (which I'll show you in a few days -- LOVE IT!), I've draped it over the fireplace, and I've got lots of other ideas. So, if this tinsel garland speaks to you, too, run out and get yourself some, before it's all gone. (If you live in my town, I might have already swiped it all.)
Happy (early) Holidays!

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