Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Birthday Crown

Full disclosure here -- this post is really about how I've dropped the ball in a BIG way when it comes to my youngest daughter's birthday. She turns 6 tomorrow, which is very exciting, but for some reason this was not at all on the family radar until about 7 days ago. Usually, I've got the party planned and invitations in the mail weeks in advance, but this year, not so much.

As a result, her party won't be until early December, and I've been feeling a whopping dose of Mom guilt for dropping the ball. To try to make it up to her, we're having a special family dinner tomorrow on her birthday. She gets to pick the menu -- well, sort of. She announced the menu would be "Cake!" So we had to lay down a few menu ground rules. Anyway, partly to try to assuage my guilt, and partly because I thought it would be fun, I decided to make her a special birthday crown to wear during dinner. I love the way it turned out, and it was EASY!

Here are the basics: I cut out a crown shape on cardstock using my Cricut. I cut it as large as it would go -- which was about 8 inches. You could also just trace a crown shape or cut one free-hand. I added some strips of cardstock to the back just to firm it up a bit. Then I layered more papers, some tatting, fun shapes, attached velvet flowers with brads, added a few grand adhesive stickers, and ta da! A crown! I'm going to glue a ribbon to each side so that it can be tied together to stay on. Easy, and hopefully, a big hit with the little one!

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