Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Groovy Pastel Christmas Wreath

Here's the wreath I told you about a few days ago -- I am so excited about it! It was super-easy to do! First, I started with a plain white styrofoam wreath form. I wrapped it with foil garland (it took almost 2 strands of garland to cover the whole form). I secured it with straight pins, but you could also use a glue gun if you prefer. Once it was wrapped, it looked like this:

Then I got out my trusty glue gun, and hot glued small balls to right onto the wreath. I took apart a ball garland to do this, because the size and color of the balls were perfect for my project. But you could also use vintage ornaments or really anything you like. I tried to space the colors evenly around the wreath. This part of the project actually went very quickly!

When finished, this wreath was very lightweight. I added a bow made from some yummy vintage pink velvet ribbon, and hung it above the fireplace. I like it so much, I'm thinking of making a much larger one for the foyer! Stay tuned for a tour of more holiday decorations!

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