Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Perfect Pink Vintage Dress

Last week when I was out doing my estate sale rounds, I happened to notice this pink satin vintage dress. Normally, when I'm out shopping, I'm very focused, and I don't even look at vintage clothes. But this dress caught my eye. Pink, satin, lace appliques, sequins, tiny pink pearls -- and a huge train!!! I kept passing by it, thinking about it, but finally decided I was being silly and frivilous (because it's way too small to ever fit me, and I have nothing to use it for) and so I left it behind.
All night long, all I could think about was that dress! It was driving me crazy -- in hindsight, I couldn't believe that I left it behind. As it happens, the estate sale was right on the hubs' way to work. So the next morning, over coffee, I tried to explain why I urgently needed this dress, and why it was crucial that he stop on the way in to the office to get it.
"What are you going to do with this dress?" he asked, ever so reasonably.
"Hang it up in my office."
Well, it's just another measure of how lucky a girl I am that he did go straight there, found the dress, negotiated the price down a tad, and bought it for me. What a guy!
So now it hangs in my office, in all its sparkly pink satin loveliness. Frivilous, yes, but it makes me smile everytime I see it!


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