Thursday, July 9, 2009

Musical Notes

It's Thursday, and around here that means it's treasure-hunting day! I was out early to do my estate-sales rounds. It was hit-or-miss -- no lace today (always a bummer), but I did find a few neat things to get excited about. The most exciting find was this vintage music game -- full of cards with all sorts of fabulous music graphics. I think these have all sorts of fun crafting possibilities! I'm keeping some for my stash, and some will go in the etsy shop.
In other news, the heat has returned to us here in the tropics -- back close to 100 degrees today! Yikes! As much as I'm enjoying the lazy pace of summer, I think I'm ready for winter, or at least fall.
With fall in mind, I've got back-to-school on the brain: back to school kits are coming soon! I'll post some sneak peeks on the blog soon, so stay tuned.
Hope you are staying cool today!

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