Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big Reveal

I'm so excited to report that we have reached the finish line on our home repair project.  There are still a few small details that remain, but for the most part, the job is done.  So, without further delay, here is the big reveal! 

Just in case you can't recall the "before," here are some shots of the bathroom before:

And here's the exciting after!

As you can see, the room was completely transformed!  I was going for kind of a vintage European hotel look, and I'm thrilled with the way it turned out!  We have new marble floors, wonderful marble countertops (we went all over town looking for really white marble -- and it was virtually impossible to find.  I'll have to do a separate post on that adventure), a new vanity and cabinet, new toilet, new tile in the shower, and new fixtures.  The walls are a lovely very soft light green (Sherwin Williams Opaline).  We kept the original white cast iron tub, and I spray-painted the gold mirror from the old bathroom silver so that it would match.  My only regret is that the ceiling configuration won't work for the big crystal chandelier that I wanted.  I haven't done any decorating in there to speak of, and I need to find a shower curtain.

The other big transformation was the laundry room.  I don't have many great before photos, but here's one of the utility sink that I hated:

It was dirty and stained, and it was impossible to find a stopper to stop up the drain, so it was useless to me as a soaking sink (and a gal's got to soak her vintage linens somewhere!).  From this pic you can see that there was big white tile on the floor before.  So, here's the exciting after:

Woohoo!  The layout is basically the same.  We replaced the white tile with this gray porcelain tile that I love, and it was laid in a brick pattern.   I have a new stainless steel sink that is huge and very functional.  We doubled the size of the cabinet/counters, bringing it along the wall in an L shape (it used to just be next to the fridge only).  And yes, that's marble on the counters!  (The excess from the bathroom slab had to go somewhere, right?)  I added some glass knobs from Anthropologie -- they look like little vintage glass door knobs.  We painted the room essentially the same blue as before, but I went one shade lighter.  Now it's Sherwin Williams Mountain Air.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little tour.  I'm thrilled to have these rooms completed!   Now, maybe it's time to focus on the kitchen.....


  1. Wow!! That's two pretty makeovers!
    Love the vanity and sink in the bathroom...gorgeous!
    And your laundry room is wonderful...LOVE the sink and fixtures! I wish my laundry room was that pretty! And, that I had a sink!

  2. beautiful! very pottery barn or romantic homes magazine bed & bath issue. well done!


  3. I love these rooms! They look so good. I am considering painting our new master bath room SW Opaline as well, so I was thrilled to see your pictures. It looks really good. I am also considering Window Pane. Did you try that one at all?


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