Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vintage Victorian Calling Cards

A short while ago I fell in love .... with Victorian-era paper. My love affair began when I found some fantastic antique holy cards (which I blogged about here) at an estate sale, and was entranced by the vibrant graphics, delicate paper lace and intricate die cuts. Since then, I have started collecting vintage Victorian valentines as well as calling cards.

The calling cards are so fantastic, for so many reasons. First, they're just so pretty! The colors, flowers, amazing edges -- I could go on and on. Second, the ones have have hidden names are so intriguing to me; I love seeing the name of the person who ordered and owned the card. Third, they're so romantic! Who wouldn't love receiving one of these cards that says "Remember me"?

So, here for your viewing pleasure are a few of my latest finds. You'll see that one of these cards belonged to someone named "Hedwig." Love it!

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