Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heart Palpitations

It's a dramatic title, I know, for a post that's really only about a bunch of vintage linens, but perhaps some of you will understand. A dear friend of the family called me last week and said she had some boxes of linens for me. Now, few things are as exciting to me these days than hearing "boxes" and "linens" in the same sentence (if she'd said "boxes of lace" I might have needed CPR). Turns out, she's downsizing, and wanted to pass along some linens from her mother and grandmother.

While I was of course excited to get them, I tried to convince her to keep them. I guess I just think people should hold onto such things. But she would not change her mind, so I became the lucky recipient! Among the items was a vintage box full of hankies! Good grief! I was so excited, I couldn't believe it. The best may be the wonderful quilted silk box itself, in the most fabulous faded shade of pink!

I told my friend that I felt like I'd won the lottery. She looked at me like she was worried about my sanity. Oh well.... like I said, I know some of you out there understand!

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