Monday, October 5, 2009

Treasure Hunting at Round Top Antiques Weekend

So, despite all the odds (bad weather, sick kids, sick Mommies, etc.) we powered through it and spent Friday roaming the fields in Warrenton. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but we were uber-focused, so I rarely stopped to think about pictures. It was a great day, with perfect weather! We found lots of treasures, and even discovered the weirdest item of the day. The first picture (above) is some of the linen treasures we found -- aprons, hankies, towels, so many fun things!

And, of course, lots of lace!

Scenes from the fields:

I found a new bluebonnet picture for my collection (us Texas gals LOVE our bluebonnet paintings!):

And how about this lunch? A HUGE chopped BBQ brisket sandwich, topped with onions, and a large iced tea on the side. YUM!

And finally, without further delay, here it is, our Weirdest Item of the Day: painted mannequins

Not sure what to say about that -- I'll have to let the picture speak for itself!

It was a great day -- can't wait for the spring show!

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  1. Whew those manniquins are weird indeed. However the weirdest part is that they were just down the aisle from last spring's weirdest item - the scary dollheads, who made an encore appearance.


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