Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Hazards of Decorating

Saturday was the big Carnival at the girls' school. The theme was space, which is a fun theme, and long ago I volunteered to help on the decorating committee. I actually played a pretty small role this year, and helped out another (VERY creative) gal in decorating the Bingo room -- also known as "the gym." We spent HOURS cutting out and hand glittering lots of stars. She cut out and painted a super rocket, and I spent an hour doing touch-up painting on it. Then we spent 3 hours on Friday taping up black paper to one wall of the gym and creating our space mural masterpiece, which you can see below:

Sadly, when I arrived at the gym early Saturday morning (pre-Carnival), this is what I saw:

Apparently, someone came in Friday night and taped a sponsor's banner on top of our mural. Not surprisingly, the weight pulled our mural off the wall. My crafty friend and I tried really hard not to cry, and with some help, were quickly able to fix the mural. So, all was well!

The weather was PERFECT here on Saturday, cool and dry, with a clear blue sky! We were so lucky. The girls had a great time at the Carnival. All of the decorations were so cute and clever. Here are some other examples:

A fun time was had by all!

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