Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sigh.  Remember my pristine, newly renovated bathroom?  I remember it fondly, as well.  Sunday morning I went into that bathroom and noticed that the ceiling was collapsing above the tub/shower.  Turns out, we had another water leak -- this time in a pipe in the ceiling.  For those of you who are counting, that's three water leaks in the less than three years that we've lived in this house.
Certainly, there are worse things in the world than a house with crappy plumbing, but I have to admit that I am frustrated.  We are trying to decide whether to re-do the plumbing in the entire house (!), or just fix the damage from this most recent problem and wait for the other shoe to drop (i.e., the next water leak) down the road.....
I will keep you posted.  If we do decide to re-do all of the plumbing, that will mean lots of new sheetrock, and lots of painting -- so, the up side (if there is one) is that I'll get to pick some new paint colors!

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  1. Obviously the contractor used an inferior plumber to cut corners when building your home! Unless it's an older home?

    One can understand your irritation with so many leaks. Unfortunately theres usually a reason for everything.

    Plumbing isn't inexpensive, but maybe its worth putting this leaky nightmare behind you... GOOD LUCK with your unsummoned new endeavor!

    LOVE all your vintage loveliness!


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