Friday, August 6, 2010

And so It Begins....

Well, we're still wrangling with our insurance company, living in a partially demolished house, and no construction is yet underway.  We've also been told that we'll have to MOVE OUT for several weeks while all of the hardwood floors are ripped out and replaced.  Urghhhhh!

The good news is that the plumbing fixtures that I purchased online arrived yesterday.  I'm kinda excited about them!  Here's the faucet I chose for the bathroom:

It's not the Restoration Hardware faucet that I was drooling over, but it looks about the same and was a lot (LOT) less expensive.  In the laundry room I'm replacing the old utility sink that I had with a large stainless steel sink that is quite basic, but big enough to soak lots and lots of vintage linens.  I chose a kitchen faucet from the same line as the bathroom faucets to use in my laundry room:

The handles on this faucet come with these cute porcelain inserts that say "hot" and "cold":

but the super-cool part is that they come with replacement inserts in French! (Please excuse the blurry photo.)

It's the little details that are making me smile right now.  One last building detail: I picked out the tile for the bathroom floor:

It's a honed marble hexagon tile.  I think it's going to give the bathroom that vintage-European-hotel look that I'm after.  Here's what my bathroom used to look like, right before the demo started:

I think it will be fun to see the transformation.

So, that's my home improvement update for today!  In other news, I've been busy adding lots of antique laces to the shop, as well as supplies for Halloween and Christmas crafting.  So, stop by if you haven't shopped in a while!


  1. nothing worse than living in dust from building work :-( Loving those taps, really nice and those tiles are fab too.

  2. OOPs I missed something, why are you dealing with the insurance company and ripping up wood floors? I looked back on your posts and could not find the answer, what ever it is, I hope it get over fast and you can get back to your life


  3. Hi Carol -- see my post from a couple of weeks ago, called "Calamity." We had a huge water leak in the wall of our house, and it has caused huge damage! :{
    Thanks for your kind words!
    Things are moving forward at this point and we have a positive outlook.


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