Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create: Welcome to my Studio!

I'm so happy to be participating in Karen's Where Bloggers Create II event this year!  I'd love for you to have a peek around my studio/office.  I wish I could I could show you every nook and cranny, but the awful truth is: there's just too much mess and clutter in here!   But hopefully I can show you enough to get an idea.

I am very fortunate to have a small spare bedroom that we've turned into my office.  It's crucial for me to have a dedicated space, because my craft supplies and the inventory for my Etsy shop were taking over the house!  When we moved into this house a couple of years ago, I chose a lovely light green shade for the walls in here, and had all the trim painted cream.  It's a soothing backdrop that goes well with all the other colors and laces that I have going on in here.

As I mentioned, this room is a mixture of my personal crafting stuff (which seems to be constantly growing -- I'm a bit of a hoarder!) along with my shop inventory of linens, laces, trims and vintage ephemera.  This old armoire (also pictured above), which originally belonged to my parents, holds much of my shop inventory:

I've found that I can never have enough bulletin boards!  I've got one hanging to the right of my desk, and it's slowly filling up with pretty tidbits of things that make me happy, including a receipt from our hotel in St. Bart's on our honeymoon (13 years ago!), and some antique lace pattern cards:

My 39 Squares stitching project is also pinned up there, since I haven't figured out what to do with it yet.  Here's a closer shot of that project:

Across the room, I hung two empty white canvases so that my daughters could hang their art and create an "art wall."  It's constantly changing, and I love it!

Under that, I have a large organizer that holds some of my scrapbooking supplies.  (Did I mention that I have a bit of a hoarding problem with crafting supplies?)  On top of that, I have my postal scale, a statue of Mary, a dress form hung with rosaries and pearls, and a basket that is quickly filling up with lace remnants.

This basket really comes in handy -- whenever I need a little something for a project, I have these delightful little scraps all ready to go!

One of my favorite decorations in my office is the perfectly frivolous vintage pink gown that hangs on the closet door.

It's lovely and pink and oh so vintage-y, and it makes me smile.

I also enjoy my bluebonnet paintings, which hang on the wall to the left of my desk, and right above my Cricut.  (Us Texas gals love our bluebonnet paintings.)  These are old and imperfect, but I like them that way.  Someday I hope to have a whole wall covered with these.

There are piles of lace and trim all over this room! Some are waiting to be photographed for the shop; others need to be measured for customer orders:


 This little vintage wedding cake topper is the first in what I'm afraid will become another fast-growing collection:

My last pair of pointe shoes -- I keep hoping that I'll wear them again someday, but for now they get to hang next to the TV and class up the joint a bit:

So that's a little peek inside my studio/office.  What do I do in here?  Well, most days I spend the majority of my time on my Etsy shop.  Between finding new fun things, getting them listed in the shop, and filling and shipping orders, there's very little time left to do anything before my girls get out of school for the day.  But I do still try to make time to make things!  :) 
I'm a pretty avid scrapbooker, but lately I've become so distracted with embroidery and with papercrafts, I've fallen woefully behind on both of the girls' books.  My summer goal is to get caught up!

Here's a peek at my current embroidery project -- Amy's Counting Our Blessings stitchalong:

I love this project!  I've got a dedicated blog now, just for stitching, which you can visit here.
Papercrafting and collage has really caught my attention in the last year.  I particularly love making journals:

Once I caught the needlepoint bug, I started combining papercrafting with needlework, in the form of these vintage dress tags:

Thanks so much for coming along on a tour with me!  I hope you enjoyed it!  I'm off now to blog hop -- I can't wait to see all of the other wonderful creative spaces!


  1. Lots of lovely things in your studio....LOVE the vintage dress tags, they are gorgeous!
    I wanted to participate in this meme but was afraid my studio was too!!!

  2. I love seeing your space -- so pretty and inspirational! I especially love that dress and the embroidery and bulletin boards.

    I wasn't going to show my space because it's unfinished. and since we're moving this summer it will probably remain unfinished. But maybe I will after all.

  3. Your creative studio is lovely!! I love the dress hanging on the back of the door, and the piles of lace, the ballet slippers! And the dress tags you made are just gorgeous!

  4. What a beautiful Studio, and such lovely supplies! I bet a whole lot of magic happens there! I am going to become a follower! oxoxo, Diane

  5. What a beautiful space. Love your daughters art and your embroidery is fabulous!
    Queen Bee Studio

  6. I enjoyed my peek inside your studio Alison! You have a lot of pretty things happening in there!
    I LOVE your sweet vintage dress tags!

  7. oohh I spend hours in that treasure trove of yours, how fantastic! love your stitching, very beautiful and works really well on your vintage dress cards.

  8. What a great creative space! Love my cricut! ;o) Your trims are fabulous! So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  9. It was great fun getting a glimpse of your studio....I love all of the little details! This has been quite the glad I joined in the fun!

  10. hi alison,

    everything is lovely as always here! your creations are all so sweet. LOVE your dressy tags, too.

    thanks so much for sharing your space. so fun to see where you create.

    happy blog hopping!


  11. You do beautiful work and you have some scrumptious supplies. Thanks for sharing!

  12. So, so beautiful! I love the ballet shoes and your altered journal and tags especially. Thank you for the beautiful tour, Kristin xo

  13. I adore your space and all the amazing creative touches here and there! Love all the embroidery work too!
    Best wishes,

  14. What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

    I adore all of your storage solutions.

  15. sooooo many gorgeous it all!

  16. I love your little square that you stitched, the pink ball gown is awesome and love love your little dress stitcheries. So cute. You are very creative. I'll be back to check out more of your blog after the party. Thanks.

  17. Your studio is wonderful! I love that you are surrounded by lot's of things that make you smile. For me, the highlight was looking at you darling tags with the needlework dresses. The are awesome!! Thank you so much for joining the party this year. I really enjoyed the tour!
    My Desert Cottage

  18. Love, love your space! It is just lovely. I, too, just started a collection of wedding cake toppers. I have 4 now! Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  19. So much Eye candy! Wow! Amazing space. Love your needlework! ~Robin~

  20. If your vignettes are any indication then I am sure your room is lovely. I think I could be happy in ANY room where I was surrounded with all those yummy laces and trims! Thank you for sharing.

  21. love all the pastels-and your trims~happy space!

  22. You do such beautiful detailed work...just a wonderful space to do all your creating. TFS.

  23. What a pretty space! I love all your lacey trims and your embroidery is so pretty. I'm going to go over and check out your embroidery blog! Enjoy the party - I haven't even been to a third of the spaces yet but oh, what fun! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Your room is terrific and I love those dress tags! They are just beautiful, along with all your lovely piles of laces and trims - ho winspiring!

  25. I love how you have blended your embroidery talents with have a beautiful collection of trims to work with. The tags with the dresses are my favorite!

  26. Hi Alison,

    I'm loving all of your trims..I'm a big collector of fabric, trims, buttons..just everything that goes with sewing....and I love your hand embroidery. I know another blogger that completed the 39 square event..they are just precious. Thanks so much for sharing your studio with me.

    I'd love to have you come take a stroll through my's been a labor of love to get it all in place..what a journey this past year has been!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  27. I am drooling over all of your trims! My gosh! Your studio is the perfect place to just be creative! Your 39 stitches is wonderful - I missed that!! I want to create one of my own - someday!
    Thanks for sharing!
    karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  28. Love your space. Love your tags. Love your embroidery. Love your lace.
    All so lovely.

    Come visit the the blog I have with my daughter. She created it for me for a gift...Wow! We've been making jewelry together for fifteen years and also love paper crafting (me), vintage fashion (her) and estate and rummage sales (both of us).


  29. Your creative space is lovely! I had marked you in my favorites on etsy a while ago, so it is very fun to see where you work!

  30. Hi Alison, What a fun and beautiful space you have. I have enjoyed the tour and your work is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  31. How talented you are! Love all the stitching you have shown! Your french knots all appear to be PURRFECT! Really! So beautiful too all the laces!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!


    Romeo and "her"

  32. Love your space. I really admire the hand embroidery and how you have used it in your creative crafts. I love your space and the ballet shoes, and the trims and material. Just a really great place to create in.. Thanks for sharing your beautiful handy work too.. Enjoy!

  33. All those personal touches really make this room feel like a warm and welcoming place. Your vignettes are simply adorable and your hand embroidery is so well done. I was so in awe of all the trims and fabric. I wouldn't say you are a hoarder, just a collector. Lovely space. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Such a uniquely beautiful space.

  35. Thanks for sharing your space! I love your journals and those dress tags are just wonderful!

  36. Amazing trims and I really like your creations! Thank you so much for sharing. Connie

  37. First off, the dress form tags are to die for! Love your wonderful space with all those dreamy ribbons and trims and those blue bonnet paintings are so uniquely wonderful. Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  38. What a wonderful studio.. I just love looking at you needle work.. I dabble a little with some cross stitch a little embroidery..It is so relaxing to me... Thank you for your little tour.. I had a nice visit! ~Linda

  39. Those little dress tags are gorgeous and I enjoyed seeing your needlework pieces too. You have a pretty space to create in - thanks so much for inviting us to drop in!

  40. I like the space you have,and I especially love the little inch needle work thing you made (hanging on your board, thats cute too, love the frame) and the blue tag with the blue dress.

  41. You have such pretty laces in your collection. It would be fun to spend some time with you in your studio.

    Yes, I am still visiting the participants in the 'where bloggers create' event...and having a great time. Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie

  42. How cute are those tags! Love!! and the journals too! I am a scrapooker who now calls herself a papercrafter cause my craft has taken my to so many different places. I think you know how that works. Your stitch work is lovely to say the least! I had to email a link to my mom to view. I am new to the blog world (2 wks!) and am so inspired by this hop and your blogs. Thanks so much~ Sherry F.

  43. Allison, lovely things in your studio. I can so connect with the needle work, scrapbooking and collecting of fabrics, laces, papers, threads. Thank you for sharing your space, I enjoyed seeing your things.
    Gail - Big Horn Mountain Creations

  44. You have beautiful supplies and trims in your studio! Isn't it astounding how we have collected all these beautiful trims and lace etc. yet find we still need something more for whatever project we're working on?
    Thanks for sharing, and yes, I'm still touring the blog party.


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