Friday, May 28, 2010

Texas, our Texas

This week I had the opportunity to go along on a 4th Grade field trip to Austin.  Fourth Graders here spend a lot of time in social studies learning about Texas history, so this field trip is a great way to end the year.  We toured the Bob Bullock State History Museum, the Capitol Visitor's Center, and the State Capitol Building. We also had a lovely picnic on the grounds under the shade of huge oak trees.  It was a wonderful trip!

I had not been in the capitol building since I was a kid (on a similar field trip), and I had forgotten how impressive the structure is.  The columns, moldings, light fixtures, ceilings, mosaics -- really, just amazing.  I took lots of pictures, so come along on a little tour:

The lobby is jaw-dropping:

Painting of Davy Crockett near the entrance:

Inside the capitol dome:

Art on the floor, too:

Ceiling in the Senate chamber:


Just one of the magnificent trees:

What a delightful field trip!  Great for the parents, as well as for the kids!  :)

If you're ever in Austin, stop by the Capitol and check it out for yourself.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Here comes summer!!!! 

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  1. my nephew (and my sister) just took this same trip-wonder if you were on the field trip w/them?


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