Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Valentine's Craftiness

I decided that the girls needed Valentine's door decorations, so I got to work. I love the way that Clara's came out, primarily because of the cupcakes. (You can never have enough cupcakes!) Chloe had some input into hers, and she wanted "brighter colors," so hers is, well, a lot more colorful than Clara's. But I like it, too.
I love these large tags that I cut out using my Cricut (they're 10 inches high!). I think they could be useful in all sorts of projects and made out of all sorts of fabulous paper. Anyway, every time I use it I'm glad I got up at 4am to brave the mass of humanity at Walmart to get my cricut at a bargain price on Black Friday. Hooray me!

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